February 15

Bernie Mac – I ain´t scared of you …


Bernie Mac - The King of Comedy

The amazing comedian and actor Bernie Max with his breakthrough comedy performance ´´I ain´t scared of you motherfuckers at Def Comedy Jam

Bernie Mac rose to fame with many other famous comedians like Cedric The Entertainer, Steve Harvey and many more. 

He starred in several films with some of Hollywoods elite and most famous actors, Brad Pitt for one. The movie was Oceans Eleven and the success was a fact.

One of his last and final big roles was as a car salesman in the huge blockbuster hit Transformers. Were he tried to sell a really old and useless car to the main character played by Shia Lebeouf. 

Bernie Mac died after complications from pneumonia in 2008, only 50 years old. He left a widow and a daughter. 


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