February 17, 2021

A history of magic and illusions

This is a history of old and modern contemporary magic through the ages. Magic and illusions have been with us through the generations from the ancient egypts through the dark ages and modern times. Before it was seen as dark arts and meddling with the devil. Today it is seen as entertainment and sleight of hand for amazed audiences all over the world. 

The golden age of magic was in the early 1900s with magician and escape artists such as Houdini and others. There were also spectacular stage shows with incredible magicians lik Howard Thurston, Blackstone Sr, Okito, Devant and many others.   

One of the most famous magic tricks was the chinese water torture cell. This is a magic trick/escape that has been performed by many performers through the centuries. As can be seen below in the video. 

Magicians in London

Magicians in London - In the late 19th century magic in Europe and London was very popular as seen in movies from Hollywood. One of the most famous magicians of his time was David Devant, born David Wighton. 

Devant is remembered as the consummate exponent of entertaining magical theatre. He was the first President of The Magic Circle and the Society celebrates Devant by using his name for their function room in the Headquarters in London. His words about his own priorities in magic have often been quoted to budding young magicians - when confronted by a boastful magician who claimed he knew hundreds of tricks, Devant gently replied that he knew only a few dozen, but he was able to perform them very well. One of his trade mark phrases was that his magic was done "All by kindness".

Wikipedia on David Devant -

He is regarded by magicians as a consummate exponent of suave and witty presentation of stage illusion.

One of his trade mark phrases was that his magic was done "All by kindness".

Houdini - The King of Escape Artists

Harry Houdini is undoubtedly the most famous magician and escape artist that has ever lived. Born in Budapest Hungary in 1874 with his birth name Erik Weisz, later known as the one and only legend Harry Houdini. 

He was the son of a rabbi that emigrated from Hungary to USA and settled down in Wisconsin. 

Houdinis road to success did not go as a straight arrow.

 He started out as a trapeze artist and later turned into the world renowned escape artist that everyone loves even to this day. 

In 1894 he married his wife whose real name was Wilhelmina Rahner and she later went by the name Beatrice Houdini. 

She served as his assistant for many years. It was after that he started to earn international reputation with his escape feats with shackles and handcuffs, prison cells, milk cans, ropes etc. 

Hire a Magician for Corporate Events

Hire a magician - This is a very common type of entertainment at corporate events, especially for the last 20 years. It seems like the interests for this type of entertainment is increasing more and more. High class entertainment and magic for exclusive events are a sought after type of way to make your corporate events stand out from the crowd. 

The type of magic show can be very different. There are different styles and flavours so to speak. Some of these are close-up magic, stage magic, illusion magic, comedy magic, mind reading. 

Some entertainers, magicians, illusionist does a mix of everything. They are what you would call a complete performer. That is usually something that is very uncommon. 

The type of magic show can be very different. There are different styles and flavours so to speak. Some of these are close-up magic, stage magic, illusion magic, comedy magic, mind reading. 

David Copperfield - The Greatest Magician Ever

David Copperfield is without a doubt the most succesful magician that has ever lived. He has generated more in ticket sales then Elvis, Michael Jackson, Beatles or The Rolling Stones. 

He has walked through the great wall of China, made The Statue of Libery disappear, made the Orient Express levitate, first magician ever to fly on stage in a live performance, escaped a buildning being demolished while being locked in a safe, been locked in a box and dropped in the Niagara Falls. The list and feats go on and on. 

He performs regularly around 600 shows per year. He owns his own island that some of the worlds most famous celebrities stay at for their holidays. 

Jay-Z and Beyonce are one of them for instance. His Island Musha Cay is like a paradise in the Carribbean. 

He also owns 3 floors in a skyscraper on Manhattan were he stays when he visits New York. He currently lives in Las Vegas were he has his own show and the most expensive privately owned house in Las Vegas. 

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February 15, 2021

Bernie Mac - The King of Comedy

The amazing comedian and actor Bernie Max with his breakthrough comedy performance ´´I ain´t scared of you motherfuckers at Def Comedy Jam

Bernie Mac rose to fame with many other famous comedians like Cedric The Entertainer, Steve Harvey and many more. 

He starred in several films with some of Hollywoods elite and most famous actors, Brad Pitt for one. The movie was Oceans Eleven and the success was a fact.

One of his last and final big roles was as a car salesman in the huge blockbuster hit Transformers. Were he tried to sell a really old and useless car to the main character played by Shia Lebeouf. 

Bernie Mac died after complications from pneumonia in 2008, only 50 years old. He left a widow and a daughter. 

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June 12, 2020

Great classic controversial sketch with Dave Chapelle, do you like it as much as we do? It´s too funny. 

Dave is one of the best comedians ever, with his classic Chapelle show and his other Comedy specials. 

He had his really big breakthrough on Comedy Central on the Chapelle show with millions of viewers. 

After his big breakthrough he took a break for the third season of the show, he stopped touring and went of grid. Over 10 years later he made a great comeback with all his Netflix specials that have been seen by millions. 

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March 12, 2020

Classic Reebok for classy people. These Reebok shoes look great. But what about the history of the sneaker. 

According to menshealth.com 

The very first sneaker was invented by Wait Webster in the 19th century. Of course, it wasn't called a sneaker then—and it looked very different. Plimsolls, as they were called, featured thin rubber soles, an equally thin material on top, and were the preferred footwear for active activities. 


Also wikipedia have some interesting info on this subject as well. 

These shoes acquired the nickname 'plimsoll' in the 1870s, derived according to Nicholette Jones' book The Plimsoll Sensation, from the coloured horizontal band joining the upper to the sole, which resembled the Plimsoll line on a ship's hull. Alternatively, just like the Plimsoll line on a ship, if water got above the line of the rubber sole, the wearer would get wet.[9]

Plimsolls were widely worn by vacationers and also began to be worn by sportsmen on the tennis and croquet courts for their comfort. Special soles with engraved patterns to increase the surface grip of the shoe were developed, and these were ordered in bulk for the use of the British Army. Athletic shoes were increasingly used for leisure and outdoor activities at the turn of the 20th century - plimsolls were even found with the ill-fated Scott Antarctic expedition of 1911. Plimsolls were commonly worn by pupils in schools' physical education lessons in the UK from the 1950s until the early 1970s.[citation needed]

British company J.W. Foster and Sons designed and produced the first shoes designed for running in 1895; the shoes were spiked to allow for greater traction and speed. The company sold its high-quality handmade running shoes to athletes around the world, eventually receiving a contract for the manufacture of running shoes for the British team in the 1924 Summer Olympics. Harold Abrahams and Eric Liddell won the 100 m and 400 m events, kitted out with Foster's running gear.[10] 

For more information look at this article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sneakers#History

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